A Web site dedicated to ‘The Competent Man’.

The phrase ‘The Competent Man’ is defined by Wikipedia as follows: “. . . the competent man or competent woman is a stock character who can do anything perfectly, or at least exhibits a very wide range of abilities and knowledge, . . .” The term applies to men or women, but I use the term as ‘The Competent Man’ because I have not found anything better that sounds right. ‘The Competent Person’ just does not sound right.

The best I can explain this problem is with the example from the movie Gone With the Wind and the quote, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn”. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frankly,_my_dear,_I_don%27t_give_a_damn retrieved October 23, 2014).

Other variations for the quote were tried, but none of them worked as well as the original.

Also a testing and learning area for web site development, programming, Dreamweaver CS3 and anything else related to the setup and running of a web site and other thoughts and observations of my own. I also would like to test various web add ons and internet analytics, along with anything else I can think of in relation to the internet or web sites.

Louis J Desy Jr

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