Why I Will Never Retire

A lot of people, and myself included, hope, dream and plan to retire someday; when they will be able to no longer work a full time job and just ‘enjoy life’. For years I had done the same thing, but have recently started to realize that I will never retire because to do so would be a great loss of experience from the workforce, the world and could even be considered irresponsible when there are so many things that need to be done in world. While there may come a day for many of us that it may be impossible to continue to work, where one’s health declines to the point where they are simply not able to work anymore. Most of us should be able to continue to work and contribute to the world for years, if not decades, into our retirement ages.

There are lots of things to do in the world and lots of things that need to be fixed. While no one person can do or fix anything, each of us in our own way can try to do what we can to improve the overall condition of the world and to simply retire from the world would be irresponsible.

While in recent years there have been large strides made in improving conditions in the world overall, there is still a long way to go until everyone on the planet can have a reasonable standard of living. While some people may define that as something like a middle class life style like that in the United States, I do not think that is the right way to measure such an objective. In many part of the world, things like everyone having a car may not be necessary. As an example, if someone lives in a village where most things are within walking distance, why would they need a car? Having a car would just add an extra layer of expenses and work needed to maintain something that was not needed.

So how would I define when we know an area has reached on ‘ok’ level and what we should be trying for on a global level?

What Everyone Should Be Working Towards In The World

1: People are able to work and support themselves from their weekly and monthly income. Debt is only needed or used for long term capital purchases that provide a net positive present value when incurred. Example: Mortgage on a house, as time goes on, the value of the house goes up and the mortgage goes down, resulting in a fully paid off asset at the end of great value.

2: Health care is available to take care of any health problems and to prevent health problems with annual checkups, vaccinations, eye screenings and dental care.

3: No threats from wars or other violence.

4: Ability to move freely to where one wishes.

5: Able to save money each month based on their income. Monthly expense are lower than month income, resulting in savings that can be used as a reserve for emergencies and large savings serve as capital to invest in new projects.

6: No one needs government aid or assistance to survive.

7: Projects and businesses are able to provide a real rate of return on investments, which in turn results in a demand for labor so people are able to earn a living and paid a ‘living wage’.

8: Food and shelter needs are able to be meet from monthly income and are safe.

9: Education is available to everyone through the high school level. College or trade school level is affordable to people that have the ability to do well in those areas, but just because someone does not go into a trade or go to college does not mean they are somehow shut out of higher levels of income or destitute because work is available for everyone.

As time goes on, I expect I will make changes to this list plus come up with some kind of name to give it, but at least this is my first attempt at such a list of what people in the world should be working towards.

Good Luck and Take Care,

Louis J. Desy Jr.
Sunday, September 16, 2018