Upgrade Server/Web Site to CENTOS 7

Server upgrade. Going from godaddy.com Virtual Private Server (VPS) GEN3 with CENTOS 6 to GEN4 with CENTOS 7.

For a while I had been trying to figure out how to do an upgrade from a godaddy GEN3 to GEN4 VPS (Virtual Private Server). I had been trying to use the upgrade tool within WHS on the server to move accounts. For whatever reason, I could never get it to move properly BUT today I found that if I went to the CPanel for the website and did a Backup on the old server of all the files, and then used this to do a restore from the file under WHS, that the account and everything else was there just as it was on the old server. The last part seemed to be to just change the IP address on the A record to the new sever and everything appears to be find.

The web site and domain name the-competent-man.com seems to be working fine. The other domain name with any content, musicquest446.com seems to be going to the old VPS so somewhere there I must need to change the A record on the DNS for that domain name.

I think I got things working and we will see on the 15th when I do not renew on the GEN3 server if everything keeps working, it was somewhat confusing as to how to make the change but things seem ok and working.

Good Luck and Take Care,

Louis J. Desy Jr.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020