Is covid over?

With the Omicron variant spreading, but not causing many hospitalizations or deaths; it looks like covid is probably over. Report from Denmark of 782 Omicron cases showed 9 hospitalizations with only one ICU case and zero deaths.

Omicron seems to have the same symptoms as the typical cold. According to a youtube recent video by Dr Campbell, half of the ‘cold’ cases in the UK were Omicron. Another report cited to the fact that hospital usage was around 89.3% of capacity, which is the typical average over the long term; so ‘hospitals are NOT filling up with covid paitents’. Also noted that 70% of the people in hospitals WITH covid only tested positive for covid after 7 or 8 days in the hospital, so the general belief is these peole got covid while in the hospital and did not have it prior to going to the hospital.

At this point, mass testing of everyone with cold like symptoms seems to be pointless, especially if they develop no other problems or symtpoms. Unless someone already had covid, it looks like everyone is going to get covid; shot(s) or no shot(s). Other measures that seem to have had no effect are masks, lockdowns, vaccine passports or the shot(s). In many places people are on their third covid shots and other places 4th shot, but Omicron is still spreading. Omicron looks like it may be the ‘vaccine’ that the covid shot(s) should have been.

Good Luck and Take Care,

Louis J. Desy Jr. – December 27, 2021

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