Steve Wentzell – A Good Friend

Today, August 05, 2019, is the third anniversary of Steve Wentzell passing away. It is hard to believe that it has been three years since he passed away. I remember one time that I mentioned to him that I was a fan of the Avalon Hill Game Rail Barron. A few months later I was over his house and Steve presented me with a copy of the game that he had bought at a yard sale. I was glad he had found a copy and started to ask how much he wanted for it, but he told me that it was a gift for me. I was always glad that he had been able to find a copy of that game for me and do miss going over to talk with him from time to time about the comic and game industry, especially since Steve ran a comic store from 1985 to 2003 in Milford, MA.

Steve was a friend of Roger Anderson and both were part of a long running role playing group in the Worcester, with Roger passing away November 09, 2012. With both of them now gone a large part of the memory or history of that group was now gone.

Good Luck and Take Care,

Louis J. Desy Jr. – August 05, 2019

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