Thanksgiving Day November 28 2019 – Talking about politics at the holiday dinner (or not)

Today is Thanksgiving Day 2019.

I do miss past years, especially Thanksgiving Day 2011. On that day eight years ago, was one of the best Thanksgivings I was ever at; it was at my friend Roger’s new house and it just happened to be the one and only holiday that he had in that house since he passed away Nov 2012 before Thanksgiving that year.

However, as I listen to C-SPAN’s Washington Journal program I find it alarming that the first segment’s discussion is if people are going to talk about politics or not for the holiday! Citizens of the most powerful nation on the face of the Earth are now unable or unwilling to talk about politics. I view this as a sign of decline since allegedly people who are adults are unable, unwilling or prohibited from talking about politics because most of the adult population are emotionally unable to handle such discussions or simply do not want to talk about such things because, apparently, it distributes their view of the reality.

The most recent caller, as I type this, suggested ‘just forget politics and enjoy the  holiday’; I will remember that as I spend most of this holiday working as much as possible to finish a project that is late and remember that most of the people simply coasting along in life seem to think that everything is fine, which it is not.

In any case, after a pause in writing this, I just returned from a friends house, visiting before dinner with other friends, and we talked about politics for over an hour!

As always,

Good Luck and Take Care,

Louis J. Desy Jr.

Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 28 ,2019

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